Finally we are no one ♪

A new week has started already, hasn't it? Once again a weekend which has been way too short and a week ahead of us which will be way too long.

Right now there are many things I am working on to figure out what to do in my future. Besides that, I've been drawing more in the past weeks than I did in the last 3 years, which I really enjoy ♥

This time it's a drawing for the always wonderful Mimi ♥
It's actually supposed to be her, though I'm afraid I failed as much as I possibly could, with the atempt of actually drawing her. I'm mostly satisfied with the drawing itself but unsure wheather I really ended up expressing what I intended to express.

However, I worked with my mechanical pencil only this time. Colors just wouldn't really fit into this drawing, to I left them out completely. Only the edited version is somewhat 'colored', if one could call it that way.

The sentence on the right is, by the way, the title of a song by the Icelandic band 'múm', which I higly recomment! You can find a song by them below ♥

- múm - green grass of tunnel -

Much ado about nothing ♪
I hope you like this drawing and enjoy múms music.


  1. wundervoll ♥
    vorallem die hände!!
    und die atmosphäre des bildes~

  2. Aw, die Zeichnung ist genial!
    Von den Klamotten & Haaren her passt's wunderbar zu Mimi
    Und die Idee mit den Pilzen auf den Händen & dem Kopf ist toll *_*
    Richtig, richtig schöne Zeichnung!

    Und danke für den Musik-Tipp, das Lied gefällt mir :)

  3. Oh my god I want a print. Insanely beautiful drawing. <3

  4. I have some awards for you * v *

  5. Du kannst so wunder-, wunderschön zeichnen,
    es haut mich wirklich jedes mal wieder um. <3


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