Back in summer ♪

Good day, good afternoon, good evening or good night ♥

I don't quite know what to write about today. Actually I only wanted to share 2 photographs back from my summer holidays, hence the title.
They are from the 20th of July, where I met up with the darling Flau, Mi (a friend of Flau) and some other girls I never met before. It was sort of a mini-meetup, one could say. But it was a wonderful day we spent along. We, more or less, took some puris, settled for a drink and walked through Hamburg.

Misa - Me - Flau ♥
(Ruining the picture with this oh-so-adorable face ♥)

Shirt - Banana Fish; Shorts - Fleamarket; Socks - Angelic Pretty; Shoes - offbrand; Accessory - Chocomint

Well, that would be about it ♥

Ah, not quite! See the little icon next to the url of my blog? Yes?
Fine, because I finally managed to make a favicon for this blog (and even harder: to embed it to the html). It's yet very simply, only containing the 'initials' of the blog but eventually I make another one ♪
 I hope you like it nevertheless!

And with this, I say goodbye~ ♥


  1. You are soooooo cuuuutee!!!! Greetings from Finland...<3

  2. oh der Tag war toll :3
    Ich find das Bild echt klasse mit deiner Grimasse xD

  3. aww ♥
    das war wirklich ein sehr lustiger tag ♪♪
    das bild mit uns dreien werd ich gleich mal als desktophintergrund nehmen (。* ◡ *。)9

    und das andere bild ist furchtbar kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ♪ <D

    love u ♥

  4. Banana fish? I've never heard of that store... All I get is a baby item store >w<

    Well, you're looking as great as ever!

  5. Du bist so süß. <3
    Und die Haarfarbe steht dir sehr gut !


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