We promise to make your eyes bleed ♪

Actually I was meaning to blog about something else, next but I suppose I changed my mind. Simply because I have some photographs, I almost forgot about, to show you.

They were taken back in June, when I was in Berlin. The story behind them is also pretty simply.
So, Pinky and I were searching for the name of a certain, Japanese style for about a year or even more. We simply couldn't get it out of our minds and kept on seeing pictures of it online and in magazines.

After all this research we ended up being very surprised. We have searched probably 99% of the internet, translated like complete morons, checked several magazines and even asked bloggers from Japan. All that to only discover that this style was something like the prototype of 'Decora', if it's even accurate to say it this way.
We were definitely smarter than before but didn't expected this. Nevertheless, even before attaining this knowledge. we decided to try wearing this style as we never saw anyone doing this outside of Japan.

(Excuse my derpy face in the last picture, please)

All this was only a rough, first -and probably last- try. Oh, and my hair was much poofier at first but not even tons of hairspray could safe it and I suck at back-combing. 
As for me it was a very different but fun experience and indeed, we had lots of fun on that day.

Sorry for the somewhat picture-heavy entry, though I hope you liked our experiment ♥


  1. Ihr seht zuckersüß aus, wirklich!
    Und Pinky ist soo braun geworden im Gesicht >D

  2. You are Pinky looked great! <3
    You really do pull off any style.

  3. I absolutely love how you wore this style! You should do it again :)
    Great outfit <3

  4. Very very cool! I love it! :D

  5. love it! :D <3
    & eine frage, hast du wieder die alte farbe gefärbt? oder ist ne perücke? ö.ö

  6. awesome! I really love all the colors.

  7. so cool man!! :D
    das foto auf der bank! du siehst so winzig aus xD

  8. Thank you all! <3

    Nein, nichts gefärbt und keine Perücke, die Bilder sind nur schon 2 Monate alt <3

    Das waren auch so richtig coole, riiiiesige Bänke! Ich hab Fotos, da sieh das noch ulkiger aus xD

  9. Ich hab absolut nichts gegen Foto-Spam Einträge |D Find ich sogar fast umso besser! Gerade bei euren tollen Outfits ♥ Die Fotos sind echt super geworden! Sind diese Riesen-Bänke da bei der einen Konzerthalle (deren Namen ich mir nie merken kann)?

  10. In Harajuku sind mir 2 Mädchen über den Weg gelaufen, die diesen Stil getragen haben.... aber es war so voll und oft wollen die keine Fotos von sich... aber ihr habt das echt gut getroffen. Für mich ... mein persönliches Bild einer ECHTEN Decora. Ich habs damals in der Fruits so geliebt. ♥ Ich finds gut, dass ihrs mal gemacht habt. :D

  11. Really grate to see some bold colors on you!
    So cute!
    About this style, I asked a long time ago in a fruits community on LJ a few years ago.
    I didn't get much help but I remember someone telling me it's called garage style or something like that. And then she gave me a ranking list with all sorts of blogs. unfortunately I just spent the last 3 hours trying to find it, with no luck. But I do remember that a lot of the blogs had Decora styles on them too. Dammit I wish I saved that post. >:P

  12. Das dritte Bild ist richtig süß :) Ist echt mal was Neues, aber ich muss sagen, es sieht echt total gut aus!

  13. I don't think it's an "official" name, but in the French decora community, we call this style old school FRUiTS 8D By the way,your outfits are pretty cool and I love Pinky's hair !

  14. Old school decora ♥
    I love your outfits, it's so crazy and awesome!

  15. Sorry commenting again, just couldn't get this out of my head. In Amerika Mura, Osaka, japan there is a shop called "El RODEO" The shop is vintage, colorful interesting clothing. But the employee here seems to be kinda dressed in this style.
    I member seeing on Japanese streets a while back alot of these girls dressed this way are in Amerika Mura,..
    Pic spam lol.
    Anyway I see el-rodeo listed in there item's too.
    So, I'm thinking it's probably originated from el-rodeo's store(?) and the local kids wear this fashion(?)
    Anyway that's all I had to say, just got curious again. haha

  16. @Cindy thank you for all this information! That's really interesting, though. I didn't know this shop before. That might be something that started it, similar to the Fairy kei thing originating from the Spank shop?
    Anyhow, this definitely brings the research one step further <3

  17. Soooo colourful. <33 I love it! I swear my eyes didn't bleed - they just got a bit happy about the walking and breathing rainbows. :3

    Would looove to see some more decora outfits from you!


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