Put on the red light ♪

Oh, I should really drag myself to post more often. Time never passed so fast like it did these days and I just tend to forget things. Maybe -just maybe- I get over my lazy self. After all, there is so much to write about, it would never get boring to me.

Now here, again, some older pictures. Past July to be accurate, I can't believe it's mid August already. Time really flies ♪

Accessory: Primark, H&M, fleamarket; Shirt: C&A; Blazer: bought 2nd hand; Skirt: H&M; Shoes: offbrand; Bag: Stylight.com; Tights: offbrand

I must admit, I fell in some serious love with this blazer. Found it a while ago on Ebay and I couldn't be happier. Never heard of the brand 'Class Inter' before but that doesn't matter anyway. The outer material is made from 100% silk while the lining is polyester, maybe that's why it's so comfortable?

Another little thing I love is the bracelet, I just recently found it in my old things again. There must be a similar one like this somewhere, straight from my sisters and mine childhood ♥

Also, those are the first pictures with my red hair in this blog, right? I almost forgot about that! They are actually also the first ones we took after dyeing the hair. So, what do you think?
Love it or hate it?
Personally, I really, really love it. Probably because it's still my natural color and I missed it somehow in all these years. Nevertheless, I already miss my blonde hair as well.

Ugh, so much text for only one entry, I'm sorry.
Well then, see you soon! ♥


  1. Ich liebe deine roten Haare - ich war zu erst etwas skeptisch, aber ich finde es war eine gute Entscheidung. ♥

    Zur zeit überlege ich auch - ob ich mir meine Haare kurz vor dem Studium wieder rot machen soll. Zum Winter hin ist rot immer schön ♥

    btw. dein Outfit gefällt natürlich auch :D

  2. Danke dir! <3
    Alle Änderungen sind zunächst irgendwie ungewohnt. Ich hätte auch gedacht, dass ich sie mir nach einer Woche schon wieder bleiche.

    Tu es, du wirst es nicht bereuen! Und ich denke auch, dass es dir super stehen würde ♥

  3. deine roten haare sehen einfach toll aus und passen super zu dir finde ich <3

  4. deine haare sehen wirklich toll aus ♥
    & ich liebe dein outfit, besonders die schuhe ♥

  5. Love your hair color...and your outfit is adorable <3
    Polka dots rule the world! :P


  6. I love it. ^^
    Maybe because I love orange hair (I am a redhead myself too, haha)

  7. Wunderschöne Kombination. ♥
    Ich finde deine roten Haare passen farblich wunderbar zum Blazer.

  8. sehr cooler blog! :-) wenn du mich auch followen möchtest! :-)


  9. BITTE SAG MIR; WOHER DIE SCHUHE!! ; -- ; <3333


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