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Hellow to all my old and new readers ♥
First of all I must say, I was really surprised to get so much positive feedback in my last entry, thank you all SO much for it! But I still think I won't ever wear something like that again, haha~

Today it's only a tiny update but I still need to ketchup (hehehehehe) with things. So I try to spam you a little with postings within the next days, such as outfits, shopping and art-related things.

Nails inspired by >...<

Hairclip & Jumper: Monki - Jeggings: (altered) Primark - Jewelery: Fleamarket

This outfit was from...last week or so? And I must say this is one of my favorite jumpers ever. This thing is HUGE, I could stuff myself in it at least 3 times and this is why I love it so much. I love oversized, cozy things where I can just snuggle myself up in.

That'd be it for today ♪


  1. I like - I like ♥

    Deine Haare gefallen mir :D

  2. mir gefällt das Outfit sehr gut!
    Die Sachen von Monki sind aus Hamburg, nehme ich an? Eine Freundin war in den Ferien in Hamburg & hatte mir auch von Monki erzählt, aber durch deinen Blog kannte ich den Laden schon vorher :) Ich habe Glück, werde mich demnächst in den Zug setzen und nach Essen fahren, da soll auch einer sein. Sieht es nur so aus, oder sind deine Haare etwas heller geworden?
    schau doch mal vorbei:

  3. @Yami Chu

    Die meisten Sachen sind aus Hamburg, wobei dieser Jumper auf Ebay ersteigert wurde ;)
    Meine Haarfarbe wäscht sich leider mit der Zeit raus, ist halt nur eine Tönung. Aber momentan sind sie wieder dunkler :D

  4. I'm a new reader but I'm in loooove with you!! *__*
    I like big size jumpers, but I'm not wearing them anymore...maybe I should try this winter ^__^ thanks for the idea!

  5. Oh man! I love your jumper!
    Large things are way total love. ;o;
    They make you feel so warm and safe and you can just curl up and sleep in them, like kigurumis or something. xDD I can't wait for it to get cold where I am!

  6. wie hast du denn die nägel gemacht?

  7. I love it! Monki's jumpers are great, I have a grey one with a fox print around the neck. Almost reaches down to my knees, it's soooo comfy! I used to have a Monki in my town before I moved to UK, miss it :(

  8. Ketchup XD

    Aww, that jumper looks so cuddly! It'll be perfect for the colder nights to come :)

  9. That's a super cute jumper! very warm and comfy looking :D

  10. Oversized sweaters (and oversized clothes in general) are awesome ♥ I have a pink one from H&M and I love it.
    Gorgeous outfit ^^


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