Love of my Life ♪

Black fake-suede wedge booties ♥
Those are my babies which came in the mail today. I can't say how much I love them. I've been wanting a pair of those since forever and now I have them. 

They don't have a specific brand but I don't care. It's a pleasure to walk in them, very comfortable.
3cm in the front, 11cm in the back.

I still have so many things to write about! Coming up: HUGE shopping update, Monki stuff and much much more ♪


  1. they look beautiful and elegant :3

  2. Faux suede?! I've been searching for some black wedges that I could wear for months!
    Where on earth did you find them~?

  3. those booties look so amazing!! from what shop did you get them from??
    i don't care about brand's either. as long as they look good, they fit and i can afford them.
    i love your hair color too! i want that color but i have dark hair and have never dyed it. so oh well. i'll just admire yours:)


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