Je ne peut pas choisir ♪

Good Night ♥
Thank you all very much for your comments on my past entry!

Well, you see, I'm trying to keep up with this blog more. Let's see how long this lasts, haha~

Today I only have a little picspam for you. It must be already two weeks now since the meetup in Bremen was but nevertheless, some pictures. Better late then never, right?

I hope you like the pictures ♥

Dress, Socks, Headbow - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - 'Lolita'
Accessories - Chocomint, Selfmade, Fancypocket


  1. just a little grammer correction on the french ;) but "je ne peut pas choisir" means "i can't choose" but "je ne sais pas choisir" translates to "i know not choose". I dont mean to be annoying i just thought you should know.

  2. I love your blog too, so please keep up ^^I'm so happy to know you live in Bremen cus I'm about to move there in January :) I'm so excited! I believe Germans are very open to all kinds of sub cultures, I've heard more manga is translated to german than to english, haha ^^ It also seems you have so many conventions and stuff :) Now I just need to practice your language ^^' Do you think it's will be hard as a foreigner to get a work in Bremen? What do you work with? Or are you still in school?

  3. ich liebe alle bilder, und das letzte ganz besonders *-* du bist wunderschön (:

  4. @Dolly

    Haha~ thank you for the correction! xD
    I just took the lines from a song and thought it was a little odd but then again I also know my french ist probably the worst between heaven and hell :D"

  5. @Zeruda
    Oh really? How come you want to move to Bremen? That's really cool :D
    Some Germans are still very stubborn when it comes to something they don't know but it differs from city to city. But in General I'd also say they are mostly open minded these days as there are more and more subcultures.
    There are also quite a few conventions, like this weekend the 'Animagic' or in fall the 'Connichi' and also lot's of Manga (though I stopped reading them /D)
    I am employed at my families place so I don't know how hard it is to get a job here. But I think it should be fine to get at least small jobs and as you speak the language better and better I'm sure you'll get more options :)

    Dankeschön! <333

  6. Du bist so wunderschön * A *
    Da kann man nur neidisch werden...
    Ich würd auch gern so schö aussehen ; O ;

  7. aww, so zuckersüß! *______________* <3

  8. Ah, you're so pretttyyyy!! I love your outfits. :3

  9. also, ich finde an Outfits so oft irgendetwas auszusetzen, aber deine schauen immer so perfekt aus! (º - º) und es steht dir so gut!
    sind das Donuts oben in deinen Haaren? :3
    und ich liebe übrigens diese Schuhe!
    ein Bild mit der neueren Haarfarbe würde mich auch interessieren.
    (das Sternchenarmband von deinem linken Arm habe ich auch. :'))
    hoffentlich bloggst du bald wieder. :3

  10. Gott wie süüüüüüüüß <3

  11. Oh, thank you for your reply! My boyfriend will work at Airbus in Bremen for four months. It's a school project that will give him his final exam as a flight engineer. So four months are for sure. But maybe they will offer him to keep working there when the project is done so we might stay in Bremen ^^ I always wanted to experience to live in another country!

  12. @Zeruda
    That's a really cool thing to do! I wish you guys luck that he'll be employed there ♥
    I'd also love to meet you (well, only if you'd like to as well) because you really seem like a nice person. Maybe I could show you around a little :)

  13. I love the french title ♥
    it was long since I had not seen a picture of you in lolita \ o / You look cool like this too.
    Keep this blog I love it!!

  14. Sweet outfit ♥

  15. Oh, that's so nice of you!! You seem like such a nice person too! Thank you!

  16. omg, you look so pretty :33
    how long did it take you to let the hair grow that long? *o*
    have a nice day!


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