Let's take a look inside ♪

Today I want to reveal what's in my handbag most of the time.
Some things I couldn't go out without and some things I just feel more comfortable with.

From upper left corner to lower right corner.

♥ Marie Notebook, bought at Disneyland CA
♪ I really like to look into this as it's filled with Print Club pictures of my friends and I

♥ Marie Handmirror
♪ A Gift from my dear friend Julia

♥ Vintage Sunglasses, Fleamarket
♪ Completely necessary!

♥ Permanent Lipgloss, Manhattan
♪ Favorite colour of red ever

♥ Tram Tickets
♪ Love to keep them even though I mostly take the bike

♥ Scissors
♪ To fix if anything goes wrong, haha

♥ Marie comb&mirror, Disneyland CA
♪ Oh so handy!

♥ Nailfile, Essence
♪ See: Scissor

♥ Mobile
♪ Always next to me

♥ Airwaves Mints
♪ I prefer mints over gum, keeps my breath fresh

♥ Notebook, Nanunana
♪ For adresses, numbers, notes, scribbles, shopping lists. Simply to keep me updated

♥ Compact Powder, Manhattan
♪ Can't be too light for me

♥ iPod Classic
♪ No music? Sorry, I got to go

♥ Jack Daniels Zippo, San Francisco
♪ Tribute to my father and good for lightening cigs

♥ Headphones, Swimmer
♪ Makes music even better

♥ Cigarette box
♪ A gift from my father, always with me

♥ Mascara, Rimmel
♪ Loving it

♥ Pen
♪ Well, you know, to write

♥ Cigarette holder
♪ Adds a little more style

♥ Bobby pins
♪ Fix it, Baby!

♥ Labello
♪ Fresh lips

♥ Wallet, Sanrio
♪ I desperately need a new one but it still keeps my money, thank god

What do you always need to carry around with you? Anything you couldn't live without?


  1. I've seen a lot of people that write entries like this one! I think that I should do mine, too~~

    Sanrio wallet, Marie notebook and headphones are awesome! but all the other items are also cute! (・ω・)

  2. du schleppst den spiegel sogar mit 8D;;

    woah ich wollte auch schon immer mal son >what is in your bag< dingens machen, aber ich komm nicht dazu.

    bzw du schleppst nicht wirklich alles davon immer mit oder? z.b. die 2 notizbücher da?
    das variiert sicher auch ein wenig oder? an regentagen nimmst du sicher ein schirm und keine sonnenbrille mit ha ha <3

    aber echt mal. dein meister kram hat echt style. voll niedlich :]
    bzw ich beneide dich um die swimme headphones >w<;;
    als wir in japan waren waren nur dumme prints da.
    bzw ich mochte die mit den erdbeeren ey ;_; aber die kamen erst später
    und nach deutschland shippen lassen und blah..die verkaufen die dir für 20€+
    die kosten im original weniger als die hälfte davon. das ist so wucher orz~

  3. i really adore your marie stuff *__* soo cute! ♥

  4. I'm so jealous of your Swimmer Headphone! I wish I could have the one with strawberry ;_; The Kuromi Wallet is cute, too.

  5. Ah, you have so many cute things ♥ >w< ♥

    I usually don't take many stuff with me in my handbag XD it depends a bit where I'm going but I always have at least my wallet, keys and a fan in it. Somtimes my mobile phone and some make-up. XD

  6. eh, wollte nochmal fragen, welche Marke du rauchst :) (falscher Acc)

  7. @Yami Chu Blackdevil, seit so ziemlich immer <3

  8. My 2nd generation ipod nano (called Fletcher XD), he comes EVERYWHERE with me. I'd get soooo bored without him! Lol!

  9. OMG I always wanted those Swimmer headphones!


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