It's better to be hated than loved for what I'm not. ♪

Another Outfit-Post and this time it's from the Japan-Day Düsseldorf.
A little late, I know, but nevertheless here it comes ♥

♥ Outfit Rundown:

Accessory: Chocomint, Offbrand, Angelic Pretty
Shirt: Banana Fish
Pettiskirts: Offbrand & altered ManiaQ
Shoes: Offbrand
OTKs: Angelic Pretty

It was actually the first time I wore my hair in a bun for an event like that but I had no other freaking idea of what else to do with it and en plus I left my extensions at home.
Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day we spent over in Düsseldorf, even though it was a pretty exhausting one as well.


  1. i love your stil <3
    so pastellcolour !~

  2. you look very pretty ♥ I love your petticoat

  3. Hello!
    I'm a new reader on your blog. ^__^
    You have a very cute style.

  4. I love your looks!! :) Fab blog!! :D

  5. ohmygosh you are ADORABLE <33

  6. I love your style so much! You really inspire me!

  7. Dein Geschmack von Mode ist so beneidenswert !
    Traurig das man sowas wie dich so selten sieht auf der Welt. <3

  8. Do you go to any sports?
    Have you gone to something?
    Is there anything you'd like to go?

  9. Thank you all so much! ;; ♥

    I don't really understand your questions but I try~
    Atm. I don't got to sports or do any, besides bicycling, haha~
    I've gone to various conventions, outdoor events, concerts and other places before. Right now there's not much I'm lusting over except for maybe travelling to more countries :)


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