Once and for all - Shopping update #4

Hellow pretties ♥
Finally I can catch up a little with this blog again.
Now that I've had a little more free-time I was able to go out for shopping a little bit more. Once with Mimi, as I've already mentioned, and a few times with my mother because we were constantly searching for a promdress.

♥ Outfit Rundown:

Accessory: Vintage
Cardigan: H&M
Skirt & Shoes: Primark
Tights: Offbrand
Top: H&M
Those pictures were taken by my mother yesterday after another successless search for a dress. She's a pretty good photographer, huh? Well okay, that was what she learned when she was younger. I just wish she could live out her hobby a little more.
However I finally got around to alter the skirt I'm wearing on those photographs. I already bough it a few months ago but it was a little too loose for my taste. Now it finally sits where I want it ♥

However, let's come to the Shopping Update. This entry will be way too long even without me rambling all the time.

Let's start at my birthday♪
I didn't get a bunch of presents but some very lovely ones from my family ♥
(Amongst them a book about Lady Gaga, from my father. I was really surprised because I didn't know that he even knew her. But it was more of a joke-present anyway.)

This chiffon shirt was a present from my mother ♥
She has a good taste, I must admit. I just don't know how to wear it yet because it's see-through and I need to figure out what I could wear underneath it without it looking too trashy.

What's this?

It's Minnie Mouse!
This was a gift from my sister and I'm in love with it ♥
I especially like the vintage look and the broken print. Minnie RAWKS! ♪

The other presents were basically just useful things. Notebooks, cups, a towel and the like.

On my birthday, Mimi and I went to the Waterfront, a huge mall in Bremen, to finally go shopping again! Before that I didn't even really go out because of the exams and stress.

Once again we were basically only lurking around in Primark, as we always so. It's cheap and pretty there, so what else do we need? Of course I wish I would be able to buy more brand and designer things from fancy shops but I can't afford that. So I rather go there to get many pretty things for the little money I have.

Right now there are so many nice things at Primark that hit my sweet spot. Just like this cardigan ♥
I fell in love with it at once but beside two ones that were randomly hanging at the wrong rack I didn't find any other. So this is a size 12 or even 14 and sits very loose on me but it's still okay.
Yesterday, though they seemed to restock those and there were many other sizes available.
However, I'm still in love with it! It's also perfect for summer because it's made of thin jersey fabric.
Mimi bought the same one btw ♪

And she also bought this skirt ♥
Now we can go out in a twin coord, isn't that lovely?
Actually I was about to get a similar skirt from Topshop because I was loning for a lace skirt so long now, but when I saw this my plans were crashed and I had to get it, haha.
It has an elastic waist-band, one layer of lace on the top and another satin one underneath it, it's adorable!

At this point I must admit that I really disliked this kind of sandals, or 'Jesus-slippers' how we call them.
But nevertheless I tried them on and they were, surprisingly, looking very fine. I needed a pair of shoes for summer anyway and they are really comfortable and casual. I wore them emmediately on the next day to give my sore feet a little rest.

Last thing I bought that day was this elastic belt. It fits my shoes and my bag and will fit were my white-elatic-belt doesn't.

Actually I also bough a bag for my sister but it'll be a surprise, haha ♥

The next day, which was sunday last week, Mimi and I went to the fleamarket which is only a 10 minute walk away from my house. 
There I made a really nice find ♪

Polkadotted high-waist shorts, straight from the 80's!
But there were still a little too...plain for my taste so I pimped them a little:

I embroidered some felt to the back pocket!

Isn't it much cuter now? ♥

But I also found something else~

Another silver ring, haha ♥
I just really like the design, looks like some wrinkled cloth~

Now yesterday I didn't buy many things, but my mother found some nice things.

One thing is this tanktop with a nice floral pattern~

And some bracelets because I didn't have any black ones and just one golden bangle.
I also bought a pair of gray jeans but I'll alter those first before I show them to you.

Today then I finally got my promdress ♥
But I also found this lovely skirt~

It's from H&M, denim with floral printing ♥
Right there are so many things at H&M Young! I also saw a jeans dress I fell in love with and another skirt and a cardi but all too much to afford right now. So I just this skirt but I'm really content with that.

To safe the best for the rest, this is my promdress ♥
Not my first choice but I think it's really pretty nevertheless! The lace on the first layer also sparkles and it's pretty comfortable as well. We just need to have it altered before I can finally wear it to the prom ♪

So~ this is basically everything for now. And I also think this will be my last shopping update before I come back from Berlin. It's less than a week now until I'm leaving for Berlin and I'm so happy to see all my friends and my sister again! 

Alright! I wish everyone a good night now and please take care ♥


  1. The prom dress is gorgeous!
    I love the polka-dotted shorts too.
    The embroidery you did on the back is so cute! *-*

  2. I love all the outfits!
    And the clothes are really perfect for you. I really miss primark, I wanna go there in summer with you and Mimi T^T I need new clothes!

    The promdress will look really gorgeous!

  3. Owwwwh das sieht total toll aus *__*
    Irgendwie hast du deinen style etwas geändert oder? Zumindest wirkst du anders auf mich auf deinen neueren Bildern, aber es gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut *Q*
    Besonders deine Haare, omg ich will sie anfassen XDDD
    Das Lila in den Spitzen sieht hammer gut aus <33

  4. das kleid ist wundervoll <3

    und du hast meine lieblingsfarbe in den haaren 8D
    bzw. ich steh auf deine augenbrauen 8D das musste jetzt mal gesgat werden : D

  5. wtf~ nicht first choice?
    es is richtig liebe <3
    ich beneide dich um dein Kleid!

    bzw. ich mag deine Haare~

    und jesus schuhe sind häßlich /D
    aber wenn sie getragen gut aussehen~

    viel Glück morgenbei Reli ;D

  6. your promdress is really awesome *__*

  7. OwO all your clothes are beautiful ♥ i love your flowery tanktop ♥

  8. AWWW, du bist soo hübsch!! #*____*# ~
    I love your stlye! <33 ~

  9. totally stylish as always <3 I adore your taste!

  10. Wow dein Ballkleid sieht toll aus aber ich finde auch die anderen Sachen sehen alle toll aus, besonders angetan hat es mit die Hose mit dem P drauf!!

  11. i lvoe the clothes especially the pink cardigan ^^

  12. siempre con ropa genial
    usted *w*

    cute sus pics

    espero pases


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  14. Hey Mio

    I Love you´r Look

    I have a Question, speak you German ?
    Where are you From ?

    your Barbie ♥ (svz)

  15. I love your prom dress - I hope the night was kick arse for you.


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