Well, well, well ♪

Sorry for ignoring this blog for more than a week, haha.
But actually many things happend. I had to reboot my laptop because of some weird virus and didn't install all my programs until yesterday, exams and also my birthday. 
OH! And after more than one month I went out for some shopping again, with my dearest friend Mimi
But more about that tomorrow.

Today I only want to share the outfit I wore on my birthday with you:

♥ Outfit Rundown:

Accessory: Vintage, Handmade by my Mother, Primark
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Offbrand
Top & Shoes: Primark
Lacetop: Offbrand
Bag: Sisters (Fleamarket)

That's btw my new cool motorcycle in the background.
Okay, it's the one from out stupid neighbour, haha. But it looked just so neat ♥

Well, I have no idea what I could write besides that. I'll just promise to make the shopping outfit tomorrow or sunday latest. 
And before I forgot, I put in my mail adress in the sidebar so you can drop me a mail with all your wishes, concerns, questions and suggestions if you'd like. It's mio_candybox@ymail.com

Besides that, you can also check out that look on my LOOKBOOK.nu
Make sure to hype, haha ♪


  1. Du darfst mich auch gerne verlinken, Herzchen♥
    Mach mir Werbung! /DDD

    Btw. würde ich jetzt doch sehr gerne das Oberteil haben, mit dem ganzen Schmuck drauf, was so geschnitten ist, wie das, was du auf dem Bild trägst. Wunderbar, nicht? /D

  2. Ich war gestern zu faul dazu /D

    Aber wenn du willst, kann ich dir das morgen mitbringen ♥
    Muttern und ich wollten eh in die Waterfront, nochmal wegen einem Abiballkleid schaun und vllt ist ja noch was da ♥
    Welche größe hättest du gern?

  3. you're such a cutie! and such an adorable outfit ♥

  4. you look amazing ♥

  5. lovely picture : ))!!!

    happy late birthday!


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