Shopping Update #2 ♪

Hellow again ♥

First of all I want to thank you for all your darling comments on my last entry! I didn't expect so much feedback actually but it really, really made me happy! ♥

However now, I guess it's time for a little Shopping Update again ♪
Today I missed the opportunity to get 3 adorable Magic Nursery Plushies at once because I was half an hour late for the auction. I was actually pretty sad because I would've loved to have a mint colored Magic Nursery finally. So far I have these two lovelies and the mint one is still missing:

I must really say they are my two favorite teddy bears right now. Except for Molly of course. She's a Steiff handpupped I've been having since I was 3 (yeah, I still have my old dolls and plushies, haha)

Besides that, I'm still waiting for my petticoats, a bag and my cardigan. Oh how I hate waiting but that's just the way it is, haha~

Anyway, let's come to what I got these days.
During Easter, my sister came over from Berlin to visit the family and there she gave me some lovely shoes she never wore and didn't need anymore.

They are from a brand called 'Lampucci' and have a small wedge-heel. Oh how I love wedges! I'm still looking for ankle booties in a black velvet/suede-fake but yet only found stupid things online or shoes that were way too expensive for me atm.
Bla, anyhow I really like these shoes and I think I could even wear them to school without making my dad go like 'WTF'. He hates it when I wear heels to school. But school's almost over anyway.

Then~ I found this really, really, really adorable shirt from 'Marjour' that I simply needed from the very second that I saw it.

I mean, I LOVE Care Bears and this colorscheme was simply too cute. What else do I need besides Care Bears and pastels? And on the close-up of the print you can see that the stars even have tiny faces ♪

What else~
So every sunday there are some fleamarkets where I live and if the weather's fine and I am able to get up early I always visit one ore two fleamarkets. I'm not always lucky to find something I like but this time I'm really satisfied:

First thing I found was this Lee vest for only 1,50€! This price is like insane for something like that! It must be already 20 years old or so but it has never been worn, or so it seems. I've been looking for something like this and after I added a little buckle to the back it also fits me very well ♪
Next I bought two pairs of tights for only 1€ each. They're so comfy and I just love the color (I already wore them in my last outfit, haha)

And this is the last thing I found, a little rocking horse ♪
I yet don't know what I can use it for but so far it's sitting on my shelf for decoration.

I guess this is all for today ♪
Tomorrow will be a day full of serious studying again, hah!
Till then, please take care ♥


  1. Cute! I love those teddies! Your blog is so kawaii!

  2. Such cute clothes <3
    Its really sad that you don´t have a poupeé in the color mint. ; ____ ;
    But I like your new poupeés ♥
    I love your gift from your sister<3
    The shoes are so beautiful.

  3. das selbe care bear shirt hab ich mir auch bestellt das is so geil !
    muss man einfach haben *___*

  4. woah~ du Gute ey~
    mit Flomarkt vor der Tür!
    wie ich mir immer mal vorgenommen hab sonntags früh aufzustehen und zur Bürgerweide zu fahren.
    aber ich bin leider echt nen langschläfer <<'
    Na, vielleicht klappts ja wenn die dummen Prüfungen vorbei sind ;D

  5. Second-hand stuff are just the best. ♥

  6. I love you, Mio~! I simply can't stay away from your blogs. I think I'm addicted or something. ^v^ Anyways.. Can you please send me a few links to kawaii online shops (that aren't in Japanese TwT) please? & Thanks a bunch!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Lots of love, Linda ♪


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