"BOUM! C'est le shock!"

...nebst to "Au secour! Au secour" & "Arthur est un perroquet" the only sentence that I still remember from my old french school book. Too bad I never spoke french well.

Today was such a lovely day and I even went to school, haha ♪
Right now we don't have to go anymore becourse of the exams and stuff and I'll only go tomorrow as well because we'll get our papers for that term.
But the weather is so lovely! I can't say that enough!

♥ Outfit Rundown:

Accessory: Chocomint, 6%DokiDoki, Handmade by me
Vest: Lee
T-Shirt:Old shirt from my sister ♥
Skirts: Gift from my Sister
Tights/Legwarmer: Offbrand
Shoes: H&M

I wore the new Vest ♥
And the skirt was a christmas present from my sister ♪

Well, I'm very tired now so I wish you a good night and please take care! 


  1. Ich LIEBE das Outfit! Vor allem passen Frisur & Make-up auch perfekt *w*

    Und ich musste über die 'Einleitung' lachen, das Buch hatten wir damals auch in Französisch. Und ich erinnere mich sehr gut an die Sätze. Die waren wirklich irgendwie einprägsam, oder? (War allerdings auch das einzige, ich erinner mich sonst nur an die lustigen Zeichnungen :D)

  2. I absolutely adore those shoes! I've been really wanting some 90's style platform shoes in Keds/Vans style like that!

  3. Das ist mal richtig hart 80s ! Meins ist es ja nicht so - aber du hast es echt sauber kombiniert. Meine Mutter würde dich lieben :3

    So einen Rock wollte ich zur Abschlussfeier tragen, wenn wir unsere Zeugnisse bekommen <3

  4. This outfit is really the good way of 90's ! Nice Jacket without sleeves, it's better~~
    (and I speak German well as you speak French by the way :D )

  5. boah übel~
    siehst aus wie aus 80er? 90er?

    ka~ ich persöhnlich mag den style net so gerne
    aber steht dir.

    bzw. und? Abizulassung bekommen? XD

  6. This is so much like the 80's *__*
    I wanted the shoes too but they were too small for me. T-T I love your tights and accessories!

  7. you look amazing
    love your tights ♥

  8. "Au secour! Au secour" & "Arthur est un perroquet"
    x) I'm french and I think when i will finish high school i will forget all deutch i had learn, soo... I have a bad english too~ Sorry~


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