Good Bye ♪

As most of you know, I've spent the past months over in the UK but now my return to Germany is only a couple days away.

During my stay I've had plenty of time re-evaluating life and thinking of where I want to see myself in the future and I think I finally came to the conclusion to say good bye to most of my pastel self.
Maybe you saw it coming -  I kinda did, I'm not gonna lie. Though I got to say, I don't know how final it is. Chances are, I might be sporting my fairy side on future cons but it's impossible for me to predict that at this point.
As for now, I've made peace with the thoughts of leaving this fashion. It's been a big inner struggle for me, especially as all of this has been a major part of my life. But I feel also that now is the perfect time to move on and to make it official.

Well, it's not really sudden news considering how sparse my appearances in this fashion were in all of these past months. But I'm happy with this decision and I feel like making things more or less final will life a heavy weight off of me. I no longer feel obliged to keep up with all this, I no longer feel like I owe something. And even though this might hit some of my followers a little bit hard I hope you can all understand why I'm making this decision.
I need to clear up things for me, once and for all and in a way I moved on a long time ago. My priorities have made a 180° turn and I'm far from being the person I was 1 or 2 or 5 years ago.
That doesn't mean I have necessarily changed as a person but my path is another one.

After all, that's what all this life is about - figuring it out.

This fashion has been a huge part of my life. I've met amazing people thanks to it and I hope I could share some of my adventures on this blog to your enjoyment. 

Thank you for staying with me through all these years, it's been an amazing time!

As for Pastel Raindrops - I'm afraid this is another journey which ends here. Perhaps I'll pick up blogging at another point of my life, at least I'd love to, but I can't make any promises. And even if I did, it'd bee something completely different. So here's another farewell with that.

Lastly I'd like to announce that once I've settled back in at home, I'll be going through my closet and I'll be parting with probably a lot of my things. Granted, I'll be keeping some of my favourites - at least for now - but there'll be a major clean out.
Look out on my FB page for further announcements on that. That's also where I'll be selling most of the things in case you're interested in that.

Now, this has been a long entry with somehow sad news.
I'm sorry for ending things like that but know that I'm not gone for good. I'm just taking different directions.

Once again, thank you for all your love and support, it's been one of the best times of my life. Sounds cheesy but it's true.

Much love,




This is just a tiny update to let you all know what up and coming!

I know, I know, PR has been terribly neglected, which is not necessarily because I don't have things to blog about but more because I don't have much time to take care of it right now as well as a change of priorities for me. I'm not going to go into much detail about this now because that would go a little too far.

Now, already weeks ago my paid photobucket account expired which leaves me with a limited bandwidth. Due to the amount of traffic I get here that goes hand in hand with my pictures disappearing. I TRIED to fix that but for some reason I couldn't get my account renewed. Anyway, I'll take the opportunity to switch to a different host but for that I will have to re-upload and change all the image files on here, which will take up a lot of time I don't have right now. So I'm pretty much forced to make-do with this now, meaning that for most of the time PR will be down on all images. This sucks but I can't change that right now.

Which leads me to the main factor that is taking away all my time.
Other than me trying not to spend oh-so much time online I have been planning my university term abroad, working on many things for uni and working on my job. For the past months this has taking up basically all of my weekdays. Either I've been at uni or at work.
On Monday, however, I will be finally leaving my home to move to Nottingham, UK for the next six months! There I'll be continuing my fashion design studies, focussing on accessory design, mainly.
So yep, I got exciting things ahead of me!

As I'll be trying to really focus on my life and studies there I will not be online very much and I decided to not document my travel online. Maybe this will bum out some but I figured most will not be interested in this anyway and I don't want to waste much energy on something like that. 

Guess that is all for now! I apologise for the inconvenience caused on this blog and I hope to improve things here soon as I can.

See you back next year!

Much love,


A Fairy in Tokyo ♪ Day 2 (Part2)

What year is it? 2014?! ALREADY?!
Oh boy, I didn't forget you guys but I completely forgot the time, to say the least!

But instead of the usual explanations and excuses I'd rather continue where I stopped last time and show you what other things I saw on my 2nd day in Tokyo.
As you might remember from my last post, we've been to Laforet, a huge mall filled with all your favourite stores. After our walk around there our little field trip took us to Daiso.
Maybe you already heard of that store, it has a pretty cool concept because it carries all kinds of goods from stationary to kitchen supplies and everything is very cheap, with prices starting as low as 100yen (which currently equals roughly 1$).

Now, we also have such things as 1€ stores here in good old Germany and I know there are similar stores in many other countries as well but the wide range of items they carried and the fact a lot of them were adorably cute on top of that, was really overwhelming. We only spend what felt like a very short time there, because you kind of lose track of time in this store. I could've probably stayed in there for days, still discovering new, cute things to drop my money on.

All of these things are really just an excerpt of the huge variety of things at Daiso, just some of my favourites.

After leaving the paradise of cheap goods we went to Avantgarde, another store located in Harajuku. It's not only famous because its owner has the tallest mohawk in the whole wild world but also for it extraordinary tattoo tights!

I think I've never seen so many tights at once in a single place, I loved them ALL!

But not only was this place home to possibly the hottest leg-wear ever, it also had some really rad decorations around.

"Can I keep these?" These Campbell platform heels were to die for!
Lastly, we even got to take a picture with the master himself:

Our next stops through Harajuku took us to Nadia as well as 6%DOKIDOKI, some more absolute and utter favourites of mine!

Two super adorable staff girls!
Outside of the 6%DOKIDOKI store
I even got to take a picture with the very well known and lovely staff girl and shops own model Yuka!
I sadly didn't get around to take many pictures in or outside the store as it was slowly getting darker outside all ready but let me tell you, I was incredible happy I was able to visit this store. I really admire all the design work which is joined all around this label and I'm more than happy to call a few things from there my own, haha~

Next up was Kiddie Land! A big, big, big department store that carries products of all your favourite character goods, whether it'd be Hello Kitty, Disney all-stars, Rilakkuma or some of the many, many others. Trust me, they have everything.
Though I didn't really take many pictures here (Kaila got that covered for me haha), I did stumble across something...

At first I got hit on by this terribly odd creature but then - 

I stumbled across my one true love, Banana-san! Don't mind the dopey look on my face, I got lovestruck!

Our last stroll through the dark, yet light-flooded, streets of Tokyo took us to a candy store! And not just any, it was actually a Candy manufacturer and we had the pleasure to watch them closely, producing a batch of sweet robot candy.

Actually, I don't think I've ever seen how these kind of sweets are made, so it was really exciting and funny to watch. In the end we even got to try the tiny robots and they tasted robo-tasticly delicious!
In this store they sell all sorts of different coloured and patterned sweets and we were lucky to be gifted some for our travel home, how jolly! But to be honest, these are almost too gorgeous to simply eat away, as mouth-watering as they are.

This would also take me to the end of day 2! But there's still plenty to show you and as long as it may take, I promise you will get around to see it!
Hope you all had a wonderful start into this week, I'm looking forward to see you around next time ♥


A Fairy in Tokyo ♪ Day 2 (Part1)

Hey cuties, I'm back again to continue my little documentary on Tokyo!
How have you all been? It's October already and it's getting so autumn-y these days, I just love it. Even though I like all seasons, autumn has got to be my favourite.

Enough of the chit-chat for now, though, let's get straight to the point. I know what you want to see and I will deliver only for you ♥ 
But mind you, this is going to be picture heavy. And I mean REALLY picture heavy. I picked out almost 100 photographs from that day because we saw so, so, so many lovely things then. To ease it up a little I will put them under a cut though and split this into two parts, so lean back and enjoy!
April 19th was one of the days with the tightest schedule but because of this it was also very, very lovely as we got around to see many different places. Our day started at about 7am, when we headed to Sendagaya to have our fitting and rehearsal for the KAWAii MATSURi!
If you followed our adventures from the Kawaii.i Facebook Page  and gallery, you already know that the five of us got to model for some magazines there and on that day it was the first time to see all that was going to happen there. 
When we arrived at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium there were already a few strikingly fashionable people outside and and as we got inside the room was filled up with the models I've only seen in magazines before. I think that was certainly one of the many magic moments I felt while I was on the trip.

Our little group waiting to get to work! ✩
Precious Marie and Stella the cutie ♥

After waiting a little we got to see the lovely outfits that were picked for us, were to try them on and also rehearsed the way we would walk and act on stage which was really exciting for me! The stage was so much bigger than I expected it to be and this whole place was really big.

After some little nice lunch we took the train to get to Ikebukuro and were introduced to a very neat place!

We visited a place called CLUXTA which is kind of like a beauty balon but which such an extraordinary concept that I kind of wish I had one like it in my town as well.

The salon itself is run by Panasonic and looks fairly normal at first. They have many beauty goods installed from make-up to electronic but the twist is that you will not get a beauty treatment there but can actually rent a space there for a small fee to treat yourself and use their products. It's something that is used my many different kind of people such as school girls as well as business women who use it to get ready to go out after school or to refreshen themselves for the next business meet. It's a very unique location I think and it comes in very handy when you are on a tight schedule.

Once there, we got introduced to the many different products they keep there and were offered to try some on ourselves.

This one rotated weirdly and kind of reminded me of a little caterpillar
Listening to instructions...
...for the products we tried

All of the electronics we got to use there were ones I've never tried or seen in my life, which was exciting! The big Oval one was a machine that would give you different types of facial treatments using steam and such which was strange but comfy, feeling the hot air coming out of it. Kind of like a miniature sauna. There was also one to clean up pores, a pulsing device to stimulate the face and one to massage your skin in order to slim your face or legs for example. I think the last one was my favourite because the rotating gummy things on it just felt pretty nice.

After visiting the place we all got a lovely present from them, an electronic lash curler! It was something I've never tried before and I was really surprised of how well it worked. But I will talk about it in another entry~

Our next stop took us to La Foret in Harajuku!
And this is also where the massive picspam starts to please follow the cut for all that's next~


A Fairy in Tokyo ♪ Day 1

I know, I know, I was going to write about this earlier but despite having "uni break" (aka the time when you finish everything that's left over from the last semester) I don't have much time for anything at all. Daily life struggles, work and university things add up way too easily.

Nonetheless, I've come to talk a little bit about my first day in Tokyo to continue my little series.

I didn't take many pictures that day since I got the habit to lock away pretty much all my electronics when traveling so I only have some from when I got there.

I started off in Bremen in the morning to say good bye to good old Germany after a quick stop in Frankfurt to get on a different plane. There I had a little time off to get me something to drink and wander around the airport when I spotted a lovely lolita around - Marie!

We were both a little hesitant at first because neither of us knew if we would be heading to the same destination but it turned out we were! So lucky for us, we already got to meet so early and got to take the same plane, that was really a lovely start!
On the plane however, I slept quite some time (like I always do, haha!) and to not get such a bad jet lag.

Once we landed at the Narita Airport we were warmly welcomed by those who invited us so kindly (and who are, by the way, so dearly missed now). I was so, so excited to meet everyone and look! Who's that? A gyaru girl? We also met Stella there, the next member of us five Kawaii Leaders!
Our first task was to take a few shots and takes for the show before we took a taxi to the heart of Tokyo where our Hotel was: Shibuya!
I remember just how awfully excited I was to be there. Right where I always wanted to be, in the midst of one of the biggest cities in the world - it was amazing!

Here's my outfit for the day, more casual than anything but I wanted to be comfy while being on the plane, hence the lack of a wig~

Once at the hotel we got to take a little rest and a nap before driving to NHK's headquarters for our first meeting with EVERYONE!

From left to right you can see Marie, little old me, Stella, Eva and Kaila!

It was the same time we all saw each other and it was really lovely to meet all of these girls. Even if we didn't know each other before, I think we grew together so much in these few days and in the end it was more than hard to say good bye.
However, on the first meet-up we discussed some things about the schedule for our week together, things about the program, got cute little cameras (thank you so much again NHK & Panasonic! ♥  ♥) and exchanged some first chats to get to know each other.

After that we headed to have dinner at a beautiful Japanese style restaurant with the most delicious food and such a beautiful atmosphere!

Lastly the five of us together in the restaurant and the obligatory food pictures~

It may have been a day with a little schedule but it was still a long and extremely exciting day for all of us I think! Especially getting to know each other and joking around on our first evening together was overly lovely and I still feel so blessed to have been able to spend time with lovely people like that.

Next time some more adventures from Tokyo!

Much love,

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